Gynaecological problems are a common issue for women and if a woman is suffering from any gynaecological problem she should go for immediate diagnosis and treatment. Here in Geneva, if someone can offer you proper solution, she/he is a professional gynaecologist. You will come across many gynecologists in Geneva, aka Gynecologue Geneve. In the adjoined passages, you can learn some common gynaecological problems. Therefore, keep scrolling down.

Gynecologue Geneve

Different health issues that a gynaecologist can help you with

Various health problems that a gynaecologist can help you with are here. If you have any problem among these, consult a gynaecologist immediately.

Loss and vaginal irritation

If you face any problems such as abnormal, unusual colour, itching, vaginal discharge, an unpleasant odour, consult an experienced gynaecologist. The unusual vaginal discharge may stand for a simple mycosis or a simple disproportion of the flora. Also, this might result from infection in organs such as the uterus. The other reason may be sexually transmitted disease. You should never overlook them.


Just in case the rules are somehow disturbed in your stomach, this can cause abdominal pain. This can lead to pain during sexual intercourse or also this can develop cysts. Although the origin of endometriosis is not clear yet chemical pollution can be a prime reason behind this problem.

To treat this problem properly, you need to go for expert diagnosis and a minute examination. A gynecologist in Geneva aka Gynecologue Geneve can help you with this. In this process, you might need ultrasound and/or an MRI to confirm the problem or the stage of the problem. Make sure that the treatment starts just after you get the right diagnosis.

Pain during intercourse

If women feel any pain during intercourse that is also known as dyspareunia, this is not a normal problem. Therefore, you should not trivialise it rather go for an immediate check-up. The pain can be superficial entry pain or sometimes, it may also be a deep abdominal pain.

Whatever it is, it can denote a small infection or a sexually transmitted disease. Also, this can be a prominent sign that shows endometriosis. This needs proper and immediate investigation by the pro gynaecologists. Only they can help you determine the root of this problem and can recommend you the right solution.

The specialist will start with practicing a careful examination, possibly an ultrasound which can be completed by a radiological examination such as a scanner or an MRI if necessary.

Ovarian cysts

The specialists basically use gynecological examination, ultrasound and/or sometimes MRI to diagnose ovarian cysts. The treatment of organic cysts is surgical, and specialists use laparoscopy to perform the treatment. Cystectomy is the process that helps in removing ovarian cysts. 

Gynecologue Geneve

Consult a gynaecologist here 

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